Blog 5 : Van IUI naar IVF & nu ICSI

In the previous blog I ended with sad news about our IVF attempt, but also with good news because we are married.

Our honeymoon was wonderful, letting go of everything and just enjoying each other! I've often heard that you might get pregnant there if you just let it all go. I must say I have always had difficulty with that statement because if you are in a fertility process then letting go is almost impossible and if it were that easy we would not need a process. Anyway, I often ignore these kinds of comments. Of course, letting go had no effect, no miracle had happened after the honeymoon and I mentally prepared myself for the next step.

Two weeks after our honeymoon we had an appointment at the hospital to make a plan. It quickly became clear that we were going for ICSI. When my cycle starts I can start taking hormones again.

What is the difference between ICSI and IVF?

IVF and ICSI take place in much the same way. The difference between IVF and ICSI is in the way the egg and sperm fuse to form an embryo. With IVF, the egg is combined with approximately 100,000 sperm cells. The fertilization of the egg then continues automatically.

ICSI is actually a further developed, more precise version of IVF. Instead of mixing the sperm with the egg, during this treatment the best, healthiest sperm cell is selected and injected directly into the egg to fertilize the egg.

July 23: Day 3 of my new cycle has arrived and that means an ultrasound in the hospital. This checks whether everything looks good and fortunately nothing unusual can be seen.

July 27: In the meantime I have been injecting hormones for a week and I must say it is difficult for me. My stomach had recovered a bit during the rest period, but is already sore, an ultrasound is scheduled today so I'm hoping for good news.

The ultrasound looks good, but the doctor wants to continue with hormones to give the eggs an extra push.

July 29: It's ultrasound time again, by now you're so used to those internal ultrasounds that you know exactly what to pay attention to when the ultrasound is made. But good news, we can go for a puncture!
The puncture is scheduled for July 31.

July 31: We have to report early, the puncture is scheduled for 8 am. The puncture was not too bad, just like the IVF attempt. The doctor said that he was able to puncture quite a few eggs, which is a good sign. Even now my husband has to go to the UMC and I stay in St. Antonius to recover from the puncture. When he returns the long wait begins. We will be called on Saturday August 3 (hopefully this time by the UMC itself) whether there will be a transfer.

August 3: The past few days have flown by, I barely slept last night and haven't left my phone. We can be called between 10am and 12pm. Around 10:30 my phone rings... UMC, I try not to cheer too early because bad news can still come! Then came the redeeming word, madam, this afternoon at 2 p.m. you are expected for the transfer. YES, I'm not quite jumping for joy yet. She then tells us that there are a total of 6 embryos. I don't know what I hear 6? Of those 6, 1 fresh one is placed back and the other 5 are allowed to continue growing to see if they are good enough to be frozen. If there are any good embryos left, we will be called again.

2:00 PM: We sit in the waiting room with excitement, finally a transfer. I am called in and someone from the lab checks my details. Fortunately, this is handled very carefully, of course they do not want to transfer the wrong embryo. I take a seat in the chair and a duckbill is inserted, meanwhile the nurse looks at the uterus with an ultrasound and the doctor inserts the embryo with a rod. When she sees on the ultrasound that she has reached the uterus with the rod, she leaves the embryo behind in the uterus. You will actually see a pop with a very small white dot on the ultrasound. That white dot is our mini and we hope it continues to grow. I am informed that I can test 13 days after today and that I have to start using utrogestone again.

So we enter the waiting weeks again. We have decided to look for a lot of distraction during this period. We are going to Zeeland for a day, having a nice dinner, which is our biggest hobby, and there we dream together about our mini.....

August 11: Today I have a festival planned, but when I wake up with cramps I already know what is going on. In the toilet I see bright red blood loss. SHIT!

If you want to know how this ends and what the blood loss means, read my next blog, blog number 6.

If you have any questions or are experiencing the same issue, please post them under the blog or send us a message and we will put you in touch with Stephanie.

Love Stephanie

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