Blog 1: Een lang iui, ivf en icsi traject...

Blog 1: I would like to introduce myself to you!

Who am I and why did I start writing this blog?

I am Stephanie, 32 years old and I work as a hotel manager in a hotel in Scheveningen.

I have been together with my great love Lars for almost 14 years and we have been married since June 2019. Last April 6, 2020, we finally became proud parents of our wonder girl Noa Mae.

I actually started this blog by my friend Maxime, who runs Kletskouz together with my other friend Michelle.

It is often thought that having a child comes naturally to everyone, unfortunately that was not the case with us and that is why Maxime asked if I wanted to share my experiences via a blog.
At first I said; I don't know if I can write a blog, so I started looking into it and trying to write something...

I only now notice, now that our little girl has arrived, how intense the past few years have been and how intense it was on the road to our little miracle.
Only now when I hold her in my arms do I realize how lucky we are that this process has helped us!

What struck me most during this process is how much ignorance there is among others about not being able to get pregnant the normal way. That it is taboo to talk about it. This is the reality, not everyone gets pregnant right away and needs help.

Curious about what kept me going and how our journey went? You can read this in my next blog, I will think about it carefully and go back on that emotional rollercoaster.

Love, Stephanie

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