Ik neem jullie mee in mijn leven..
How am I doing now...

Following my previous blog, I will take you back into my life. A lot happened last month. My palpitations have subsided a bit, thank God. I just have to keep track of my blood pressure and I haven't done that because I don't dare to face it. Damn.. Nice to bury my head in the sand. Anyway, we bought a new house and are leaving our hometown. This is very double, this is where you have built everything up. My eldest goes to school here and friends live within walking distance and yet we still leave!

Seeing your own house on funda is terrible, but we have to think ahead. We bought a townhouse and overlook the water, so nice! A roof terrace was always a dream and we now have one too. Everyone will recognize that you don't actually want to exchange your familiar spot for something else. You leave your comfort zone again and not only me, I also force Ryan to step out of his comfort zone and discover a new world. I'm sure this is the best step ever for later, but I really feel like a bad mother. Taking her child away from his friends.... Oh well, here too, where one door closes, another one opens.

I can say that I am doing a lot better and I feel good about myself. When there is tension, I notice it right away. For example, I always get migraine headaches and they last for days or even weeks.

Last Wednesday I hit 30. Crazy. Where you used to think it is 30... If I am now only 30, a new house, 2 sons and the best man next to me, then you are lucky.

It was a tough week for me last week. We were on a family weekend in Hof van Saksen, you know the 30seconds, drinks, music and lots of fun. This weekend was planned last December, but due to my stepfather's open heart surgery, unfortunately it was not possible and we moved it to September 2020. By the way, those slides there are really fun. Add it to your bucket list to do in NL ✔️
On Saturday we went to wildlands with the whole family where my stepfather had a stroke. Yesss, next to the Lori birds and between the elephants. That was a bit of a shock, but fortunately he was released from the hospital in Emmen after 3 days. We returned to our house and headed to Hoofddorp on Sunday and they were still there, waiting for all the results.

Physically I get a blow afterwards. Crying fits, migraines and everything comes back. You're really back to square one. Heartbeat, that's what you say and no mention of the migraine. I also call myself emotionally unstable... For a moment I can act like the best and you don't notice anything, okay nothing at all is not true. I accidentally almost flew into someone, well after all we were close to the Lori birds so that's okay. There are always sensation seekers and it was just as difficult to deal with them, let's say. But things are going well again now and we are looking forward to our new future again.

Next weekend photo shoot for the website together with Mies and the Kids, so that will be 1 drama, chaos, mud-slinging photo!

Nice weekend. Love Maxime

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