Hoe overleef ik mijn kraamweek?

What a disaster! You're about to give birth, your house is ready and then you realize it. Maternity WEEK. 9 out of 10 women dread this and we understand that all too well. The top biggest annoyances you can have from our dear Instagrammers. Do you know more? Leave them in a comment below.

  1. Visitors arrive too late. Horrible.......
  2. Visitors stick around for hours, pretending they've been invited to a feast. Nice and salty after 30 minutes Joop&Riet.
  3. That your (in-law) family invites people you don't know at all to come over and therefore you don't feel like it at all! With your leaking breasts and sloshing armpits, tell a wild stranger how the birth went. Well organized (mother-in-law)!
  4. Advice... STOP! I certainly know what I can do best and otherwise I, yes I... the mother of... also Google! JOEJOE away with your advice.
  5. Maternity assistant who wants to do as little as possible. Can you vacuum the house and fold the laundry with your maternity bandages on?
  6. Maternity assistant who sits comfortably on the edge of your bed and says, hey, did you know I know you? You are the ex of... (I had that. Nice, Gerda. Thanks!) Now let's do your follow-up check. CUCKOO
  7. People you hardly ever speak to and want to be the first to come. What do you think, Bertha, you had a ticket out of decency, but you are waiting for your turn.
  8. People who come by several times during your maternity week. Like you have nothing to do.
  9. People who show up at your door uninvited when you get home. 'Just look around the corner'
  10. Maternity visitors who only arrive at 9 p.m. in the evening and leave around 11 a.m.

These are the biggest annoyances, so it may not be too bad for you. To make your maternity week go a little more smoothly, we have some tips for you.

  1. Get some fresh air outside, it will help you feel better. You don't have to walk miles, but just getting your nose outside can do wonders.
  2. Plan visits in the first weeks that YOU like. Give yourself time with your baby & your family.
  3. Eat what you want during that week. You have achieved a world class achievement and you should be rewarded for that. Enjoy that bar of chocolate, chocolate also makes breastfeeding easier. I hear you thinking... Yes, it's true. Chocolate makes you relax better and if you are more relaxed, feeding also goes better. So a win-win situation.
  4. Take endless photos and have photos taken of you and your little one. We always have our phone with us, so let your visitors take a break from time to time. The spontaneous photos are still the most fun! Also in your maternity context. They will be valuable.
  5. Have your groceries delivered by your supermarket and if someone offers it: Have your family cooked. That's so nice when you are served a nice hot meal. (when a friend gives birth I bring delicious food 9/10 times so they don't have to think about it)
  6. Buy large granny panties in advance. They are really indispensable!
  7. Ask for gift vouchers when someone asks what you want. You don't get all that crap and you probably already have more than 80 of cuddly toys.
  8. Make a maternity visit book. This is so nice if your mini is a bit older to read in here.

The very last tip: Enjoy your maternity week. You have achieved a world-class achievement and can now enjoy the way you want!

Love Maxime

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