Kletskouz/meisjes droom?
Blog 1:
Quite exciting, very first blog for Kletskouz.
What do you blog about when you are a mother of 2 children, married, run an online shop, still work 20 hours at a publishing house and are a full-time cleaner? I still have something nice to say...
I can tell you, my life is one big, wonderful chaos at the moment and I am doing everything I can to keep all the balls high. So nicely said as boysmom, all balls high!

This blog is one of how we started Kletskouz.
It started 7 years ago, I got pregnant, waited until the 20 week ultrasound, now I would never do that again as long as I can wait at 13 weeks but anyway, we would find out the gender then. I was sure it was a girl. Secretly I had already bought some girls' clothes, but hey shit, it was a boy. Switching over was quite a tough pill to swallow.
If you feel it's a girl and you hear a boy, health first, but man, this was a tough switch. Girls' clothes went out quite quickly and only boys' clothes were bought, a bit boring and not as nice as girls' clothes.
4 years later, I got pregnant again, I knew.. this is a boy. Did I say that because I hoped I did the same the first time? So that it would now be a girl? Anyway I persisted, it's a boy, I know it for sure and I don't care what it turns out to be. Haha, people who know me knew that Max wants a girl now.. ala, 13 week ultrasound and a cheerful aunt who says, look, look, you can see it right away. Batssss lump in my throat, swallow max… it's a boy. I knew it... why did I know it this time? Kind of protection? Don't know, but it took some time to switch gears again because I only want to have 2 kids and in my eyes I had always seen a girl with them.

That dream was gone for a while and will not return. I am now very happy with 2 wonderful, healthy boys and I don't really know whether I would be a good mother for a girl. I'd rather be on the sideline at football than at hockey... But when Michelle, my best friend, was pregnant with a girl, I couldn't believe my luck. Finally a girl in my immediate area, how nice. Shopping could finally begin and that's how Kletskouz was born. Shopping lots of shopping for girls clothes. We have wanted to start something together for a long time and were struggling with what are we going to do?
I made a Blue Monday jewelry, super fun, but I'm not very patient with small beads. We said to each other: Stay true to yourself, what do we like to do? Buying clothes... well that's what we're going to do, children's clothing, buying a lot of children's clothing and since we live in a time when we live with social media, we're going to start on social media and if it's really fun, we'll start an online shop, right? 4 months later we had a webshop. No sooner said than done and we have grown so much.
Started July 2019 and where we are now is sometimes really a dream. Maybe even better than that dream with a girl because Michelle will have her 2nd girl in May and that feels so nice, Aunt Max of 2 wonderful girls. It's fine this way..
Thanks for reading and there will be many more blogs to follow from super nice girls who will write about their chaos, sadness, love and much more!

Do you also want to blog for Kletskouz?
Send an email to info@kletskouz.nl with blogging in the subject and we will read and review your email with love and honesty.
Love Maxime

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