PCOS - heb ik weer! Deel 2.
The next step in our journey:

Now that the clomid didn't really do what it was supposed to do, it was unfortunately time for the next step. I will honestly admit that I was nervous about the appointment. Of course I had already looked up a lot of things, but I had hoped that it would never be time for the next step.

Unfortunately, it really was time for this.

There were 2 options: injecting hormones or Leo surgery. (during this operation they burn away the sacs in your ovaries, which increase the chance of a normal cycle).
The idea of ​​injecting hormones made me feel anxious. People who know me know that I regularly have problems with blood tests, so injecting daily did not seem to be for me. I decided to go for the surgery.

Fortunately, this could be planned quite quickly. My appointment was in September 2017. I was very pleased with the operation.
In the afternoon a friend and my boyfriend came to pick me up again. Because I thought I was in great shape after that operation, I asked for tasty things, so they brought these.
I'm an all or nothing person! So a whole pack of chocolate biscuits went into the hospital bed and half an hour later the same pack of biscuits was spit out in the toilet. Apparently not as fit as I thought.

I went home with a positive feeling and my cycle actually became regular quite quickly. So the operation was not in vain. Unfortunately this was only for a few months. And in those few months I still wasn't pregnant. What a downer!

My courage was now sinking, would I ever become pregnant again? Let's go on holiday first and then look further...

Enjoy a wonderful week in Malta! Unfortunately, due to the long cycle, I would probably get my period here, which is shit on holiday anyway. But I didn't get my period... Could I be pregnant after all?

Even though I didn't know if I had ovulated at all?
Let's just test, my friend said. We got into our rented cookie tin (Toyota Aygo from the last century) and raced across Malta in search of a drugstore.

And with success because we found one within 15 minutes.
We immediately rushed back to the hotel and took the test: and it was POSITIVE!

I couldn't believe it, luckily we had brought several different brands with us. All tests done and all positive!
We were so happy, this holiday couldn't get any worse... And then? Blood loss..

Read the sequel in my next blog!

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